my top ten pokemon number 8

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parascet is my 8 favorite pokemon


My top ten pokemon: number 9

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Yamask, why you ask beascue it was once a man.

My top ten pokemon: number 10

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over the next few days i am going to lit my favorite pokemon.

Number ten is koffing. Why you may ask bacuse there some i find carming about this silly gas monster. Pokemon are ment to be mosnte hech the name pocket monster or pokemon and koffings design is more like a monster then most.

future cops

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This movie is what happenes when the make a good street fighter movie it all the same chaters only without the names.  The basic plot is this evil not m bison go back in time to kill the juged how try to kill him, it is up to cop’s with super powers togo back and stop him. What issues is a mix of stupid kung fu over the top fun. Go see this movie go to the link above and watch has pure awesome stupid fun get injected in your eyeballs.

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my youtube page


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Fantandrom is a series of wonderfully weird cartoons for Bulgaria. It stars  among other off beat charters a Rainbow colored cat named Fanatdrom which the series got is name from.  The series is just awesome , so creative, wondefully odd and just plain good.  No one ever talk so no need for subs. Below you is a link to  some of  the short cartoons.

My 365 flickr poject

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